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Broadband Computer 11Mbit/sec WLANs

Community Wireless Computer Networking

for the City of Bath and North East Somerset Area

New licence exempt Community Wireless Computer Local Area Network technology releases high speed broadband (11,000 Kbit/sec) LAN interconnections from buildings making it possible to develop "Amateur and Community WLANs". These are not-for-profit local community owned and managed broadband networks offering the prospect of completely profit-free broadband internet access, local non-commercial (internet) radio and television and free local (internet) personal data, telephone and video communications.......delivered via a local community owned, club or co-operative group,

Your Local Contact: Henry O'Tani, Bath Community Media Group, 23 Bennett Street, Bath, BA1 2QL.

ISDN Video: 01225789143 email: henry-otani@beeb.net


The Community Internet Association: www.wlan.org.uk wlan_poster_1.htm