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LAST UPDATED:  Monday 1st June 2009

- your trusted IT solutions partner (Formely INMAC Ltd)

Wireless Networking - Cisco, Linksys, Belkin, NETGEAR and more

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Jun 2009



An assortment of 2.4 Ghz antennas for microwave link applications. Omni and directional types available for your Wireless LAN, WIFI, 802.11 and other 2.4GHz data connections.

Also ideal for remote data links, digital audio links and many other applications that require extra range and performance.

Line of sight distances of several miles can be easily covered with the parabolic mesh antennas allowing point to point data networks to be easily created. The omni directional types are perfect for centrally located access point installations.

Nov 2004


Wireless Equipment: 2.4 GHz Antennas

Welcome to the Essex Broadband mail order service!

Buying products from Essex Broadband supports the service as all profits are put directly into building and maintaining the network.

Antennas - Cable - Connections - Tools - Wireless Cards

Essex Broadband is a not-for-profit project to provide wireless broadband Internet access to specific areas of Essex ) from as little as £15 per month. All money is put directly into maintaining and building the network further.

Essex Broadband is a project to provide county wide broadband Internet and also the generation of a community media service which can be used to carry VoIP (Telephone Calls & Radio), Video (real time streaming media, such as Television pictures) and the Internet.

The network will be a fully routed network, which would also allow connections from any point in it to any other point in the network, allowing full high bandwidth two way point to point communications, which allows real time near television quality video communications (videophone calls) and other P2P applications, such as Gnutella and Kazaa (Lite).

March 2004

HOT WIRELESS - Northants U.K.

WLAN Wifi 2.4GHz Antennas, cables including LMR400, amplifiers and advice.Our products include items for 802.11a, 802.11b,802.11g, LMR400 cable, wifi, pigtails, amplifiers, everything you need for setting up wlan links or to become a Wireless ISP or Hotspot operator


What we do

Solwise do technical distribution. By this we mean that we do more than just shift boxes. All our products are carefully selected to represent the best value for money within their sector. If we can't offer something special in a product range we don't carry it.

We also understand our products. Whether you need help selecting a product before buying, or help to get your system working when it arrives, we will be able to give quality advice. This is because we are a small company and care about your business, as well as ours.

Our Specialities

Our main areas are ADSL, VoIP, Networking and Wireless devices, ISDN terminal adapters, Smaller PBX's, and computer telephone integration. Where-ever computers meet telephone lines we will probably have something to offer.

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Solwise Ltd. are a UK based 'Direct Channel' importer and distributor of Telecoms and computer products. In addition to our attractively priced range of high quality ADSL & ISDN devices, we stock a number of interesting specialist items.

April 2004

Contact Us | Product Price List | Product FAQ | Downloads | Shopping Basket | Checkout | Partners (UK & Europe) is the retail divison of MS (Distribution) UK Ltd.

MS (Distribution) UK Ltd was established in mid-2002 as a spin-off from a computer maintenance and support company which had been providing hardware, service and solutions to small businesses in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire since 1991.

The company concerned increasingly found itself involved with the provision of security solutions and it was decided that the increasing workload demanded separation of the security products and services from its core business. Earlier work with Traverse Technology of Melbourne, Australia, had resulted in that company seeking a distributor for the UK and Europe, and it was agreed that an entirely separate company was the best way forward to meet the needs of local companies for their support while ensuring that proper technical support and development resource was in place for sales of the MicroServa range in Europe.

MS (Distribution) UK Ltd is the result. It is a new company founded and drawing on eleven years of real world experience meeting the needs of SME clients and individual customers.

The company has solidly pinned its colours to the Open-Source movement and is seriously committed to operating system solutions that provide far greater stability at lower cost than are available from a large, rich, American company well known for its attempts to leverage even more cash out of users of its products. To paraphrase a well-known marketing phrase, where we want to go tomorrow is where the Penguin thrives.

July 2003

Transparent Communications

Transparent Communications offers the widest selection of wireless products for sale in the UK. Got a question? Or need help staring out with wireless networking? Just hit the Contact Us button and drop us a line, we're here to help.

- Wi-Fi networking products for Wireless Networks
- Bluetooth accessories for electronic devices of all kinds

Click HERE for our comprehensive range of products

May 2003


Wireless Distribution Ltd is a specialised distributor and professional services partner focused on Wireless Networking technologies. The company was formed in 1999 to address an emerging growth market due to the rapid product development and customer adoption of wireless technologies. Wireless Distribution Limited design & deploy both indoor and outdoor wireless solutions using licensed, unlicensed, RF, laser & microwave systems. Working with leading vendors including 3 Com, Alvarion, Avaya, Bluesocket, Cablefree, Centurion, Cisco, D-Link, Navaho, Spectralink, and Wavelength Digital; Wireless Distribution Limited has commissioned solutions for and on behalf of many of the UK's leading system integrators.

July 2003


Wireless WLAN Shop - Köln: Deutschland

Willkommen im Wireless LAN, der Onlineshop und Fachversand für WLAN Artikel. Bei uns erhalten Sie so ziemlich alles um das Thema Wireless LAN (WLAN)

May 2003


An all inclusive "plug in a go" 5GHz Wireless Internet "Outdoor Community Internet Hub" with a service area footprint acreage coverage 10 times larger than any alternative technology.

Amateur High Speed Packet Radio, Metropolitan Wireless Inclusion Projects, Town and Neighborhood HOT Spots, Community Internet Access, Campus Wi-Fi, Private Business Outdoor Intranets, Wireless Network Bridging, Marine and Offshore Applications, 27dBi Long Range Internet Backhaul..

Key USP Specifications:
World leading
360 degree, 23dBi service area coverage with four integrated long range 27dBi 15 degree directional antenna sectors for single band, long distance meshing and high volume 108MBps 802.11a connectivity (60MBs thruput).

Approved twin upgradable miniPCI cards for 5 GHz wireless band. 4.920 - 6.100GHz frequency range

802.11a 4.920 – 6.100 (5 MHz steps)

Outdoor 25 year building grade ISO rated robust uPVC outdoor weatherproof materials with 6mm thick 48mm dia. heavy duty tube hard alloy stub mast. stub mast. Tested 200KMH (125MPH) Wind Resistant. Marine grade construction, Waterproof to IP68, Height 2500mm. Diameter 120mm, Shipping Weight 8 Kg.

Hardware 64 and 128 bit WEP; Hardware TKIP and AES-CCM encryption; 802.1x WPA authentication

802.11: DSSS, OFDM for data rate >30Mbps 802.11a: OFDM

Power requirement:
12 - 28 Volts DC 6VA (6 Watts) poe over network cable

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