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last updated 8th August 2005

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Robert Ladyman (Voluntary Mailing List Administrator for WLAN.ORG.UK)
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WLAN ORG UK - Amateur & COMMUNITY WLAN Builders' Mailing List:

"A mailing list for WLAN Sysops"  will hopefully "define itself" and take on a life of its own ....

http://elektrosmog.nu/ have a comprehensive (English Language) correspondence from the Network and Telecoms Software perspective. "Consume" http://consume.net already do a pretty good job of building a national database of potential "users".  (A contact in Australia has done a "LocFinder" for the Whole World! http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/nodes/) These enable a user to enter a location and find out the nearest other prospective user(s).

Once networks are up and running, users will look to "the local organisation" for answers to immediate questions like: "What antenna/NIA do I need?"   "How much does it cost" "How do I point my antenna in the right place" "Can I connect across water" "Can I connect across a busy road"  "Can I connect to the internet" "How secure is my connection"  "Do I need planning permission for a WLAN antenna?"  etc etc

In the meantime, there is a need for (English Language using )WLAN Builders and System Operators (Sysops) to congregate someplace......

Henry O'Tani G8OTA
October 2002