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LAST UPDATED:  Wednesday 7th August 2002


About AppCAD approx: 1.1MB

AppCAD is an easy-to-use program that provides you with a suite of RF design tools and computerized Application Notes to make your design job faster and easier. AppCAD is the in-between solution ... the everyday RF design tool that fills the gap in between HP's major CAD programs and your handheld calculator.

AppCAD is provided free of charge by Agilent as a service to the RF and microwave design community. This Windows(R) version of AppCAD is based on the very popular MS-DOS(R) version of RF and Microwave AppCAD "Classic." The original version of AppCAD was released by Hewlett-Packard.

AppCAD's unique, interactive approach makes engineering calculations quick and easy for many RF, microwave, and wireless applications using products ranging from discrete transistors and diodes to Silicon and GaAs integrated circuits. The latest AppCAD version information, FAQs, and updates are
available from:

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G4JNT ATV path prediction program for PCs approx: 1.2MB

A set of Public Domain programs for plotting microwave 
(broadband amateur television) line of sight radio pathways, using NGR/Locator Grid. Draws Localmaps around a given point. Point-to-point Terrain paths and optical horizon Views.

Mainland Britain only. MicroSoft DOS or Windows.

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(for Broadband Television)

MEDIA PLAYERS for Broadband Television

Enjoy quality broadband television from around the globe transmitted over the web at broadband speeds.

English webcasts originate from Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

If you don't yet have a broadband connection to the internet, you can still enjoy a wide assortment of radio and TV webcasts using a conventional dial-up connection.





I'm writing from MadridWireless, in Madrid, Spain to let you guys know about a tool we've built to help us manage IP allocation among our nodes and backbone links. We call it NodeManager, and can be seen in use at

Basically, you set up a pool of IPs for your client (wireless) networks and a pool for your peer-to-peer "backbone" links. Then, users (node owners) can request IP allocation automatically. The whole process is done online, with authorization done by designated admins via email. And since you have node information and IP information in one place, it then can do some DNS robot tricks, and generate a backbone network topology graph.

We have about 27 nodes up and running, most with links between them via IP tunnels. We should have our first WiFi links soon. We run OSPF and have 2 BGP links with other community groups in Spain.

I'm in the process of putting it into the CVS and integrating it with EvilBunny's NodeDB. The tool is in a very stable "base" stage, and ready for collaboration.

Please take a look and see if it's useful to you all! It is multi-language as well - choose "english" down at the bottom right of the page (the default is Spanish)


August 2002


OPEN ACCESS POINT, Where 802.11 meets Open-Source Software

Here you can find the complete source code, build environment, and instructions for flashing an 802.11 access point with linux 2.4.17. The end product is a linux-based access point providing full wireless services, including multipoint to multipoint wireless bridging (802.1d), while at the same time distributing fully standard 802.11b connections to end users.

OpenAP hardware and equipment

You must obtain the following hardware to create your OpenAP.

An access point based on the Eumitcom WL11000SA-N board.

This is the OpenAP hardware platform. Eumitcom WL11000SA-N boards are resold as:

  • US Robotics (USR 2450) (tested)
  • SMC EZconnect (2652W) (tested)
  • Addtron (AWS-100) (untested)


Open Projects Net exists to provide an interactive environment for free software and open source projects and support groups. Our network is currently implemented using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Our aim is to help improve the communication and coordination skills of our participants and to maintain a friendly, efficient environment for project coordination and technical support.

In 1998, OPN had about 100 users and less than 20 channels. We currently peak at nearly 4,000 users and over 1,300 channels. It's hard to maintain a friendly IRC environment, and we put a lot of effort into it. It requires social hacks and software hacks. We continue to grow and we'll keep working to ensure that the network remains a productive and a useful place.


Proxy-Pro GateKeeper

for Windows PCs

(30 day free demo)

Proxy - Pro GateKeeper

This is a Proxy Server and firewall consisting of a server component which is installed on a computer connected with a modem or other Internet connection and an (optional) client component which is installed on the other workstation computers in your network. Proxy - Pro GateKeeper requires a TCP/IP network. The server component must be installed on a Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000 platform computer which does not have to be dedicated to operate Proxy - Pro GateKeeper.

- Shares a single Internet connection over your entire LAN.
- Acts as a firewall protecting your network from intruders and attacks.
- Saves you money by cutting costs: uses a single Internet connection, caching algorithm designed specifically to reduce network traffic.

"Easy to install and configure, Proxy - Pro GateKeeper is your best choice for a professional, reliable and affordable Internet connection sharing and securing solution"

User Guide:


This trial is good for 30 days.

Registration costs $79.


WinRoute Lite offers a fast and easy solution for sharing a single Internet connection for your entire network. WinRoute is a firewall, network address translator, and router, all in one. It can connect your network to the Internet through a single IP address. It provides transparent network access for all standard TCP and UDP applications. Supported protocols and applications include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, SMTP/POP3, IMAP4, RealAudio, VDOLive, CU-SeeMe, ICQ, IRC, PPTP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP, Ping, and Traceroute. With firewall security, and newly added network functionality such as port mapping, and support for multimedia, online gaming, and IP telephony, WinRoute Lite proves to be an ideal solution for home and small office networks.

Connect through a Dial-up line or ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1/LAN or DirecPC.
Minimum requirements: 486/33, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/ NT4, 8MB of RAM

Image of 33.jpg WinZip

Industry Standard file packing and compression program,distributed as Shareware.