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LAST UPDATED:  Sunday 24th June 2007


Better Broadband for Britain

Better Broadband for Britain United Kingdom

Better Broadband for Britain is the Association of Broadband Communities involved in building their own community broadband networks. For an introduction to Broadband Community Networks, see this Introduction.

We have now added an I Want Broadband section for those who want broadband in their community and are keen to actively make it happen.

Latest news is below, comment and discussion on the Forum.

Broadband Community Networks

Cambridge Ring West West of Cambridge
Cambridge Ring NorthEast North-East of Cambridge
Fens Broadband Fens North of Cambridge
Cambridge Ring SouthEast South-East of Cambridge
Martlesham Heath Broadband East of Ipswich
6 Villages Broadband South Coast
Brandon Brandon
Cambridge Ring Southwest South-West of Cambridge
Chatteris Chatteris area
March March area

Jan 2003



BROADBAND WI-FI United Kingdom

Why Choose Wireless?

At Work

bullet Are your employees losing valuable productivity waiting for files to download?
bullet Can you afford to lose your customers because of slow Internet performance?
bullet Tired of paying thousands of dollars per month for a dedicated "high-speed" leased line?

At Home

bullet Tired  of waiting for downloads?
bullet Fed Up with slow connection speeds?
bullet Been told by your phone or cable company that high-speed Internet is not available in your neighbourhood?
bullet Paying for a second phone line just for Internet?

If you are asking yourself these questions then you need wireless broadband access.

Dec 2003

Cambridge Ring North East

Cambridge Ring North East - U.K. Cambridge

This page covers the developing Cambridge Ring NorthEast Project, which will build a Broadband Network to the NorthEast of Cambridge, linking

Bottisham Live and Connected
Lode Live and Connected
Swaffham Bulbeck Network rollout planning started
Little Wilbraham Open for pre-order
Longmeadow Open for pre-order
Stow cum Quy Open for pre-order
Reach Open for Registration
Swaffham Prior Open for Registration
Teversham Open for Registration

together and to the Internet.

We will eventually link a number of these community networks together into a ring around Cambridge, taking in all of the outlying Cambridge commuter communities that have been bypassed for broadband services.

Dec 2002



EHSPOT ISP...... United Kingdom

Ehotspot Wireless ISP offers a “real" alternative for areas of UK mainland who cannot receive ADSL via phone or cable.

Ehotspot is the premier provider of High Speed Wireless Internet Access in public places and residential areas.

Ehotspot provide a high speed Broadband Internet connection via wireless technology to communities including business who cannot receive standard ADSL or Cable services

Dec 2003



FDM Broadband United Kingdom

FDM Broadband is a privately held, Berkshire-based company providing wireless broadband especially to homes and businesses in rural areas that do not have access to ADSL or cable broadband.

FDM Broadband uses a patented wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.11 spread spectrum radio standard. Having proven the technology in Europe, the first UK installation — in Hungerford, Berkshire — went live in May 2003. FDM Broadband is currently rolling out its wireless network across the rest of the UK, beginning with rural communities in Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

In each community it serves, FDM Broadband installs a wireless “hub” or “base station” connected to the Internet. From this base station,FDM Broadband uses radio signals to relay data to subscribers.

FDM Broadband requires just 50 pre-registered subscribers to cover the costs of installing the necessary infrastructure. If private sector sponsorship or grants from the Regional Development Agencies are available, the required number of subscribers may be even lower. FDM Broadband can advise rural communities on how they can reduce their 'trigger levels' or initial infrastructure development costs by gaining access to such funding.

Dec 2003


f i l e - a w a y   l i m i t e d

File-away Limited Scotland - United Kingdom

File-Away provides a range of specialist services including wireless networking, mailing list administration, software and IT solutions for small-medium or large businesses, PC repairs and maintenance and Quality Management services to the global biomedical industry.

Local and Global IT Services

Magach Network Status
WLANs / Radio LANs
Software Solutions
Web-site design and Maintenance (our WLAN-TALK Forum)
Audits and Assessments

Robert Ladyman


(NB. Robert Ladyman is our excellent WLAN-TALK voluntary forum administrator ed.)

July 2002




FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free. Our vision is WiFi everywhere made possible by the members of the Community, Foneros. We share some of our home Internet connection and get free access to the Community’s FON Spots worldwide!

Our Community WiFi router, La Fonera, allows everyone to share WiFi in a secure environment. It takes only five minutes to hook up, and then you’ve got WiFi at home and around the world for free!


Foneros connect to thousands of WiFi FON Spots worldwide for free. If you still do not share your WiFi, you can purchase inexpensive access. Find FON Spots on our FON Maps

Have FON

FON is a Movimiento of people building a free, global WiFi Community, sharing our experiences and ideas. Visit our blogs, boards and enjoy our cool features!

June 2007

Global HOT SPOT Zones

Imagine the freedom of being connected to the Internet at blazing broadband speeds while you travel with your Laptop or the airport boarding gate, hotel, coffee shop, school or other locations.

All you need is a WiFi 802.11(b) wireless "modem" for your laptop or PDA and you''ll be surfing your way to the Internet at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up! Staying in touch with your friends, family or office is as easy as opening your browser!

Please continue to browse our site to find out how YOU can be a part of this quickly emerging, high-speed, public Internet access industry.

Nov 2004


NETBANDIT United Kingdom

Light at the end of the tunnel for users of the internet.

Broadband has transformed the way that people use the Internet. These always-on connections are up to ten times faster than dial-up, so that surfing the web becomes a whole new experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can receive wired broadband and large sections of the community are missing-out on the communications revolution.

NetBandit provides the solution. Using radio technology we deliver Broadband to areas not served by traditional suppliers. Furthermore, our products are competitively priced and offer excellent performance. The NetBandit service is also synchronous, which means users can upload data at the same speed as they download.

Dec 2003



Wireless Broadband

Internet Access Point Limited - United Kingdom

Wireless Broadband?

IAP Wireless Broadband is a very fast connection to the internet that does not use your phone line.

The latest wireless technology is used to deliver the internet at up to 20 times faster than your modem and upto twice the speed of ADSL or Cable.

More About IAP...
Internet Access Point are based in Portishead, North Somerset. We offer broadband access using innovative technologies.

Dec 2003





Click here to sign up to MyZones

Go wireless in your home for less than you think....for only 99.99 you get a complete Wi-Fi starter kit

- The latest Wi-Fi access point giving over 300 feet of wireless freedom

- A USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect your first computer in any room without any wires

April 2004



This website is the gateway for information on what I hope is going to be a long running, successful project to bring high speed, permanent Internet access to rural communities across Wales.

The National Assembly, WDA and local authorities across the country have been discussing ways in which broadband networks can be deployed quickly to enable us all to take advantage of this new digital economy.

As a result of these discussions there is an opportunity for communities with enough momentum and desire for these services to receive assistance in the form of both funding and advice.

- Jeremy Rollinson




Community Internet Services

SOUTHSEA Community Internet Services - Hampshire U.K.

Community Internet Services (CIS) is a Southsea based company providing internet services for small to medium sized businesses, public sector and community organisations. We design and manage two community and business directories for Portsmouth and Southsea that deliver local information across a broad spectrum of resources.
We pride ourselves in offering professional quality web site design and hosting services, tailored to individual requirements and budget. Our web sites are designed according to the principles laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium, with particular emphasis on providing access to people with a wide range of disabilities.



Solwise maintain a list of U.K. wireless broadband suppliers:-

Community Broadband Suppliers List

This is a list of WISPs currently offering wireless broadband services in the UK. Information provided in the notes section has been forwarded to us directly from the WISP's and we cannot guarantee that pricing and services are accurate. Please contact individual WISP's for correct and up-to-date information. If you are an WISP and would like to be added to this list or would like to update the information contained here, please email us.

April 2004


Sunshine from WRBB

(Wireless Rural Broadband )

SUNSHINE WRBB - United Kingdom

Sunshine will be launched on 30th September 2003. The service will be aimed, primarily, at business users in the initial phase but residential subscribers will be welcome.

Residential and SME tariffs will deliver internet access at line speeds of up to 54Mbs whilst the Virtual Leased Line service can deliver in multiples of 54Mbs, potentially providing connection speeds orders of magnitude faster than ADSL.

Within 3 months of launch, Sunshine will be available to businesses and communities within 10km of the following locations (subject to terrain):

In alphabetical order

• Bingham
• Bottesford
• Bourne
• Elton
• Scalford
• South Witham
• Stamford
• Uppingham

Sunshine will quickly expand to cover the East Midlands and East Anglia, with a national service available by the end of 2005.

The online registration facility will be opened here on Tuesday 15th July 2003.

July 2003

TURBO WEB U.K. Freshwater Isle of Wight - U.K.

The Service is now fully operational.

Broadband Internet access using wireless technology.

You can have an internet connection up to 20 times the speed of your telephone line. No more waiting for web pages to load or emails to download. Open your internet world to different content rich in sound and video. Turboweb wireless service uses an antenna on the roof of your house to send and recieve internet traffic at high speed. No call charges, No hidden charges just a permanent network circuit with fast internet access for a fixed monthly fee. Please use the menu to the left to gain more information.

Jan 2003


WISP Broadband Oxford - UK

We are a community-based company dedicated to bringing broadband Internet service to rural communities North-East of Oxford.

We are in receipt of BBIG/SEEDA funding for a model rural broadband pilot within this area, based upon commercially-available WLAN technologies working within the 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum.

The Directors of WISP have a strong operational background, with 30 years of IT, wireless and project management experience. They are committed to bringing a business-class, reliable system of rural broadband to the area.

March 2004

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