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  LOCAL (U.K.)
Alton Wireless Network Resources Hampshire - UK

"If you use the internet and are based in the Alton area, maybe you might like to help with a project a number of us are trying to start. BT currently don't offer any broadband internet offerings in Alton, however we do have several people with permanent internet connections who may be prepared to share their connection "at cost" with others. What we are planning is to create our own mini "Wide Area Network" around Alton using low cost wireless network adaptors. These adaptors require no connection to the phone network and no licence to use, just a small antenna similar to a TV aerial on the roof of your house or building."

March 2002


ARWAIN Cardiff - United Kingdom

Welcome to arwain

Fed up with the high cost of internet access and network installation? Want to explore the promise of Broadband ? Looking for a flexible, future resistant and cost effective solution to local network needs?

Now with arwain everyone can build the new network. arwain members are building a PILOT network in Cardiff right now, using off the shelf and license free wireless network technology (802.11) and developing free software to manage the connections.

arwain is now a fast growing membership an eclectic, not-for-profit club, open to anyone.


Backnet - Edinburgh Scotland - UK

Currently, this is a small network, and everyone in it is known to everyone else. As such there aren't really any problems with issues of trust and scalability. If the network expands, however, this may change. I am not sure what everyone else's intentions for this network are, nor do I want to impose what I think upon everyone else. However, currently the main reasons for this at the moment seem to be primarily as a learning experience, which hopefully this can remain for the time being.

Below are some ideas, and future services. Some of these will be implemented, other's won't

  • OSPF/BGP Essential for handling routing over more than one hop. Also useful for building redundant links and if looking at wireless networking.
  • Redundant routing over wireless links There are a few people in Edinburgh interesting in a wireless lan using 802.11 networking. Combining this with a number of cable modems and adsl, and it could make a very stable network.
  • LDAP for a global userbase I currently have ldap over my lan on weegie, and I will be getting replication working with that as well soon. With that, it should be possible to have one authorative ldap database for the whole vpn. From this, users can be given access to open services on the whole network in one go.
  • Kerberos authentication More of a toy really, but it may be nice if anyone's interested.
  • Communal Services exposed to the outside world



BATH - United Kingdom


Following suggestions from Charles Babbage (the worlds first operational research, programmable calculator and cybernetic systems pioneer) Sir Roland Hill set up the world's first modern postage stamp based postal service here in the ancient Roman city of Bath, based on the original and revolutionary concept of "The Penny Post" ... Inventor William Friese Greene pioneer of cinema movie pictures began work here. In recent years Bath has been at the centre of promoting Community WLANS around the World. It has hosted the first experiments in community network media and is home of the first International Community WLAN promoting website

The ethos of the "Penny WLAN" like the "Penny Post" is "Universal quality service at zero to low cost".

Local enthusiasts aim for a long range U.K. Government LICENCED "Amateur Radio WLAN Repeater" (also believed to be the first of its kind) sited on a hill and tall residential block by courtesy of G7ABU the University of Bath Radio Society.......



Brightlingsea WLAN

This website shows what broadband is really all about. WiFi can deliver a broadband service for Brightlingsea now. Meanwhile, BT has been dragging its feet, claiming for many years that they have been unable to deliver an economic broadband service over its old copper lines. It is now time to catch up with the 21st century.

Oct 2003




Welcome to the website for the Brighton nodes of, which is a project run by private individuals with the purpose of creating an open, fast, free, wireless computer network..

The basic idea is that you get an 802.11b wireless network card, connect an external aerial to increase the range, and connect them up to form a network. You then have the possiblity of sharing any broadband internet services that might be available, free of charge.


Pier To Pier - BRIGHTON

Free Wireless Internet Access on Brighton Beach

Covering Brighton's beach and seafront properties between the two piers,
PierToPier is a free network funded by donations from
local businesses and
run by volunteers.

PierToPier is built on Mesh routing technology from
LocustWorld which allows us
to extend our
network easily, and without the need to install additional Internet connections at each location.
Anyone is allowed to extend our coverage by connecting their own Mesh nodes
to the network, provided that they subscribe to our philosophy of
providing free Internet access for everyone. Please
contact us if you'd
like to participate!

So if you live in Brighton, or visit on holiday or to attend a
conference, pop down to the beach and give us a try!

Alec Waters

Nov 2003



SS Gt. Britain

Bristol - U.K.

Historic in communications as builders of the world's first high speed passenger railway, first electric telegraph, first metal hulled screw driven steam ocean passenger liner, first steel suspension bridge and first high speed supersonic passenger aircraft.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Bristol branch of the Consume network. To enhance the community by providing a high-speed data network for everyone.

Easton Community Centre: Study

July 2002




Bristol Wireless is a co-operative set up to develop a free-to-access broadband intranet using radio, with the emphasis on supplying ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) that are relevant, permanent and affordable to communities that find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide.

It sets out first and foremost to provide a local, high speed wireless computer network to serve the immediate community and allow them access to a high speed internet connection for information and entertainment. Bristol Wireless seeks to create a digital environment built by local people for local people.

We will introduce completely profit-free broadband internet access that can deliver distance learning, non-commercial internet radio, television and video communications via local, community-owned co-operatives, businesses or groups..

We are currently running a grant-funded project to provide internet access to parts of the St Pauls and St Werburghs areas of Bristol.

October 2007


Calder Co-Operative

Calder Connect Co-operative (3-C) Lancashire

In May 2003, 3-C was just an idea. By the end of September, we had nearly 300 members and by the middle of October we're already the main supplier of broadband to the Hebden Bridge area.

3-C grew from the need for broadband in Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley exchange areas, and the realization we were in danger of being left behind in the technical possibilities offered by the new technology. We wanted to put our area back at the forefront of digital developments.

In March 2002, the Hebden Bridge Web started its campaign for broadband, including an online forum. Extensive informed discussion on this forum revealed that there was very wide concern at the lack of fast Internet access.

Dec 2005



Cork Wireless

Republic of IRELAND

Oct 2003

Digital Parish Hayfield Community Broadband Derbyshire - U.K.

Our Objective

"Always Available Low cost BroadBand + Free Community Broadband Network"
"Easy to access just turn your machine on press a button or click an Icon and you are in"

May 2003


Essex Broadband

Essex Broadband is a not-for-profit project to provide wireless broadband Internet access to specific areas of Essex (Basildon will be covered initially) from as little as £15 per month. All money is put directly into maintaining and building the network further.

Essex Broadband is a project to provide county wide broadband Internet and also the generation of a community media service which can be used to carry VoIP (Telephone Calls & Radio), Video (real time streaming media, such as Television pictures) and the Internet.

The network will be a fully routed network, which would also allow connections from any point in it to any other point in the network, allowing full high bandwidth two way point to point communications, which allows real time near television quality video communications (videophone calls) and other P2P applications, such as Gnutella and Kazaa (Lite).

7th July 2003



ROOTHINGS NET West Essex U.K. is a not-for-profit company set up to manage the introduction and direction of Broadband Internet access to villages in west Essex not connected by BT or the Cable TV companies. The company is an amalgamation of the three groups that submitted bids in the East of England Development Agency's "Connecting Communities Competition". The three groups are Hatfield Heath Broadband, Hatfield Broad Oak Broadband and The Rodings Broadband.
The purpose of this site is to provide information and to encourage dialogue on the proposed introduction.

Oct 2003


EWLAN Exeter - U.K.

Profit-free broadband internet access can give access to broadband to all sections of the community. This provision of free, high speed access to a network can encourage participation in modern neighborhood community development with the provision of a local intranet.

You will need a PC and a 802.11b wireless adaptor. You will probably also need some sort of antenna unless you are very near to one of our nodes. If you are able to help by installing an AP (wireless access point) with internet access at your home/work then you will be helping everyone in the area as well as getting you in contact with local users ....if you cant and just want access to our network or the internet that's fine as well

That's what community WLAN is all about, "helping each other"

This initiative in setting up EWLAN is being taken up locally by a small number of Computer Enthusiasts and Radio Amateurs who have been involved for some time in an amateur radio network but now the opportunity for everyone to use WLAN's has been provided by the easy availability of wireless cards for PCs


FRARS WLAN Group Wimbourne Dorset U.K.

"FRARS members with an interest in wireless networking are keen to experiment with this technology and build a community wireless network. Members of the Flight Refulling Amateur Radio Society are currently working on building a community wireless network which will give members 11mbps access to each other and the Internet. This network will use cheap 802.11b network cards.

FRARS have undertaken projects related to Wireless LAN technology, which have been written up and included on this site for your information."

14km 802.11b WLAN Test at 5.5Mbps


SWR Meter

March 2002




Dec 2002


Hastings Community Mesh Network

Hastings United Kingdom

. Feeed provide community wireless networking with internet access in the Hastings, St. Leonards-on-sea and Eastbourne area. In some areas the Feeed service is available right now. Other neighbourhoods will be coming on-line shortly. Check our Node Map to see if your location falls within one of our coverage areas. Or join the website to register your interest and we'll do our best to get you connected first!

Soon you'll be able to connect to the Feeed Mesh and Broadband Internet from homes, offices, hotels, cafes.... well anywhere really, across Hastings, St. Leonards and Eastbourne. And because there's no wires involved, its as easy to use as your mobile phone!

As a not-for-profit group, we concentrate on keeping costs low, so membership of the Feeed Mesh Networking Club is inexpensive and flexible. You may try our service to see if you like it, or unsubscribe for those times when you're not using it.

Oct 2003



Ilkley Net Yorkshire U.K.

Ilkley Wireless! is the idea of 3 Ilkley youngsters, Steven, Stephen and Andrew
Who all believe that the internet should be for everyone who wants to use it and not just those who can afford £30 a month.

Currently the only area's covered by the service are:
East Parade Very good coverage
Gordon Street Very good coverage
Thwaits Avenue Good coverage
West Parade Good coverage
Dean Street Good coverage

(Website was -ilkeynet dot co dot uk - but reported as having redirection to a porn site in December 2009)

Jan 2004


Isleham Broadband -

East Cambridgeshire District


We have introduced a community Wireless Broadband system which has enabled villagers (you) to access the Internet reliably at high speed. BT Broadband will not come here to Isleham for a long time.

This is an Isleham community based service - its objectives are to enable everyone to participate and have access to low cost high speed Internet. It will not make large profits but will be sustainable. An allocation of surplus profits will be used to fund further Isleham community projects.

March 2004



Carlow WAN

Cork WAN

Limerick WAN

Waterford WAN

Wexford WAN


Isle of Wight WLAN UK

Isle of Wight WLAN UK

And later other villages

Dec 2002


Kent Wireless - England

Kent Wireless England - UK

Kent Wireless is a group of individuals interested in creating a community wireless network in the Kent area. Basically the goal is to be able to go anywhere in Kent and have free net access via an 802.11b connection. We plan to have nodes throughout Kent..

So far we have nodes in Maidstone, Gillingham, Rainham, Rochester, Chatham, Sittingbourne and Herne Bay.



Kingsbridge Devon UK

Oct 2003


Lancaster Mesh

Lancaster Mesh- U.K

LancasterMesh runs on the Locust World system, and all configuration and registration is done at Wiana. To Join in, create a wireless node using the Locust World system and set your SSID to "LancasterMesh", and as long as you are within range of another node you should automatically become part of the mesh. Feel free to join in the forums, or if you want to take part in developing LocustWorld to run on a Linksys WRT54G, take a look at the LocustWorld/WRT54G wiki.


April 2006


Lancaster Wireless

Lancaster Wireless - U.K

This site is designed as a place for people in Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham and the surrounding area with an interest in creating community wireless networks to get together and share information, ideas or just ask questions.

March 2004


Leeds and Area Consume

[Click to Map]

Leeds Consume - UK

This isn't an official "Consume" web site ... what it is though is an attempt to kick start some form of wireless network in the Leeds area.

Central Leeds leeds_consume_central.gif
Bradford leeds_consume_bradford.gif
Garforth/South Milford leeds_consume_garforth-southmilford.gif
Thorp Arch/Thorner leeds_consume_thorparch-thorner.gif
Rothwell/Outwood leeds_consume_rothwell-outwood.gif
Meanwood leeds_consume_meanwood.gif
Kirkstall/Armley leeds_consume_kirkstall-armley.gif
Pudsey leeds_consume_pudsey.gif
Rawdon/Calverley leeds_consume_rawdon-calverley.gif
Langbar/Bingley leeds_consume_langbar-bingley.gif

Dec 2002

Luton & Dunstable Community Network Club England - UK

A club to promote the use of high speed computer networking using licence-exempt wireless transmission throughout the L&D area for the benefit of the local community.


Get involved with Manchester Wireless

and help build

a broadband network in your own community


Manchester Wireless are dedicated to setting up a free, public wireless network in Manchester. We believe that the data networks of the future will be as important infrastructure as roads and railways, and it is vital that these networks are not monopolised by a small few, but are run in the interests of the local community.
  Manchester Wireless aim to create a city-wide wireless network using freely available off-the-shelf hardware, and free, open-source software.



The wireless alternative

locally, you can:
  • Make videophone calls
  • Play multiplayer computer games
  • Contribute to forums
  • Swap files
  • In fact, anything you can do on the internet, but on a smaller scale, but at a higher speed!

If you want high speed Internet, get enough people connected together, and you can purchase a leased line at a far lower cost, and at higher speeds than ADSL.


Martlesham Heath. A housing estate that sits in the shadow of BT Adastral Park, where BT develop exciting new technologies to bring high speed, low latency, always on broadband connectivity to the majority of the UK population.... .......But not to Martlesham Heath.

In the absence of ADSL, there is a way out of the 30-56k sometimes-on often-crackly-line frequently-disconnected hell that we live in. It is called 802.11.

This technology allows computers that are not physically connected to communicate with each other to speeds 2-10 times faster than ADSL to ranges of 500m

August 2002

Moreton Morrell Warickshire - U.K.

Here are some notes about building a wireless network for use by the community around you. The technology is used to provide high speed, permanently on connectivity between the members of your community. In the case of the network we built in our village we have a measured throughput of 6 Mbit/sec. This is more than fast enough for applications such as IP telephony, video conferencing, multi-player network games or streaming MP3 from a central server. A secondary function of the network is to provide access to the Internet as anyone connected to the network.

All this can be had for a very small amount of money and some money by using standard off the shelf wireless ethernet equipment using the 802.11 family of standards.

The notes given here I hope will provide the necessary knowledge for a reasonably technically motivated individual person or group to get going and who to talk to when you get stuck.

May 2002



What is MUCLAN?

MUCLAN is a community Local Area Network operating in Magor and Undy, South Wales. It uses 802.11 wireless networking technology to provide very high speed data communication between users. This is suitable for, among other things, file transfers, online gaming and voice/video chat. MUCLAN is a non-profit project run by a local team of wireless networking enthusiasts.

April 2003


Nottingham Radford - U.K.

Nottingham Radford - U.K.

The Basic NanNetidea is to build a wireless network which is run by the Radford CommUnity for the radford community. Hopefully this will be able to support VideoConferencing, DistanceLearning, IrcChat, InstantMesssaging, InternetRadio, email, local news and other network services. This must be inexpensive enough to allow all members of our community, no matter what financial group to connect to the network, and experience broadband networking. Using new technologies such as WiFi (802.11b) and the RonjaProject it is now possible to make low cost BroadBand acess a reality. Interested? Good!

{Originator of the term "Comm Unity"}

Dec 2002



Broadband - by the community, for the community

Oxfordshire Rural Broadband is a not-for-profit organisation striving to bring Broadband Internet services to rural communities in Oxfordshire.
In the ever changing world of community broadband, ORB has updated its strategy to ensure anyone living in Oxfordshire and its neighbouring areas can benefit from community broadband - regardless of whether its ADSL, wireless or any other technology. We hope this will move the debate on from simply bits and bytes to how the community and business environments can benefit from broadband. Click here to read more.

Jan 2004


Reach & Swaffham Prior

Community Network

Reach & Swaffham Prior Community Network - Norfolk - U.K.

What is RaSP?

The highly successful Reach and Swaffham Prior Community Network was started in the summer of 2003 to provide Broadband Internet access to homes and businesses in the villages of Reach and Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire. The whole project is community based and is planned, installed, run, maintained, and to some extent funded, by volunteers. We are very lucky to have a team of skilled and dedicated individuals prepared to give so generously of their time and resources.

Nov 2004


Sheffield - U.K.

[Click to Map]

Shefnet Sheffield - U.K.

Shefnet is a project to provide city wide boardband Internet and also the gerneration of a community media medium which can be used to carry voices over ip, video, real time streaming media and the internet.

This is where Shefnet comes in. Shefnet is a colony of A Volunteer Group of cooperating individuals who are Not a telecoms company , which is helping roll out nodes. Shefnet will not operate any nodes like the telecoms companies, the public will.

This is achieved by the community pulling together and provide the infrastructure to allows every body to access the net, share infomation and there resources with each other in a city wide network. This type of network can be expanded it has no limits.

Once our network has meet the critera to be joinned to the other active colonies around the country. and then around the globe. with the use of ip in ip tunnels. when the network is even larger these tunnels will be removed to allow native routing of information purly accross radio wireless links. Shefnet also promote the use of other techonlogies such as the cabled media and line of sight laser wireless.

Sheffield has currently got a node list available which it is growing. However until recently there was no coordination and information available on how to implement the infrastructure to be used in the city. There are several sites in Sheffield and surrounding areas which are active, and are ether live or going live in the near future.

Nov 2002




There are...

  • NO monthly ISP subscription charges.
  • NO phone call charges.
  • NO time limits when you can use the service.
  • NO Membership costs for joining Southport Wireless

Dec 2002


SOWN the Southampton Open Wireless Network

[Click toMap}

SOWN (the Southampton Open Wireless Network)

SOWN (the Southampton Open Wireless Network) is a project which aims to build a free-to-use wireless network in Southampton, UK. Our initial focus will be around the University campus and Portswood / Highfield areas since that is where we live and spend most of our time, however anybody is welcome to join in and start setting up additional coverage in their area. For more detailed information take a look at WhatIsSown.

If you're interested in participating or just want to experiment with wireless LAN in general, please get involved! Your best bet is to join the MailingList or pop into #sown on, we hold weekly Meetings which are open for all to attend.

Nov 2002






The objects of South Witham Broadband are:

a) To operate a mobile Internet Café

b) To promote and develop ways in which new communications technology can benefit the community in a not-for-profit way.

c)    To provide internet broadband and wireless local area network in the village of South Witham and surrounding area.

To provide educational, training, advisory, administrative and technological support service in furtherance of the objects of the group. We have managed to achieve this with the help and support of the community and funding from various grant bodies, Countryside Agency, Community Council, EMDA, etc...little story on

We are not for profit, we are all volunteers.

See our Nov. 2004 video:

village website


Jan 2004


Stour Valley

Wireless Broadband

Stour Valley Wireless - Essex and Suffolk U.K.

Stour Valley Wireless broadband for people in Bures, Lamarsh, Alphamstone, Wormingford, Glemsford and surrounding areas on the Essex & Suffolk borders to join forces in creating a broadband inter-village computer network with high speed Internet connections, basically a Community Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

Your Internet connection is always on and does not use your telephone line, you don't even need a telephone to use this service! Free voice calls to others on the Internet.

Providing wireless broadband since summer 2003

November 2004




Dec 2002


Sutton Wireless


Hi thanks for dropping by and taking the time to look.

I decided to start this little forum because there were allot of nodes in my area, and so I thought it would be best to have a place to sit and chat about what our plans are.

Join in if you want, or just lurk in the corner over there with my next-door neighbours cat. I assure you we won't bite, but the cat I can't speak for

Dec 2002

Whalley Range

We are currently planning a wireless local area network to cover Whalley Range, provding FREE access to the site, files, radio, and possibly even broadband internet access. Watch this space!

7th July 2003


Wireless Worcs

[Click to Map]

Wireless Worcs Worcestershire - U.K.

Plans are to cover all main and other areas of Worcs with an open wireless network with Broadband access. Broadband can be provided to any town or rural area with even just a small demand. .

Main areas to be covered.

Dec 2002



Community Broadband

JFDI - Lancashire


This book details a rural wireless broadband initiative carried out by a group of small businesses and dedicated volunteers in order to bring 21st century communications to their community.

Broadband is SO important to businesses today, and this community was out of reach of the incumbent telco, BT, and alternatives eg satellite.

As a broadband notspot, stuck on dial up Internet connections, they set to and provided their own affordable broadband telecommunications network using wireless infrastructure and available expertise.

Wennet, Lancashire, UK now reaches more than 40 users, and the effects are felt throughout the community - businesses, families and individuals.

Read how they achieved this simple solution, and the benefits that are now being enjoyed. This is a replicable solution available to any rural, or even urban, community who cannot access sufficient bandwidth to enjoy the benefits of the Internet, Web 2.0, VoIP, video conferencing, B2B connectivity, uploads, and more.

Product Details:

Printed: 83 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", perfect binding, full-color interior ink

PDF (20297 kb)

Download: 1 documents (PDF), 20297 KB Publisher: Lindsey Annison Copyright: © 2006  Standard Copyright License Language: English Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain) Lulu Sales Rank: 6,051


Jan 2007


Wireless Network Access Project

WNAP Lancashire - U.K.

WNAP is a volunteer group of enthusiasts dedicated to creating a coherent community wireless network. As well as building our own wireless nodes, our aim is to work with other groups and individuals. Eventually we hope to be part of a UK wide wireless network open to all.

At present we are concentrating our efforts in the Lancashire region and the surrounding county borders.

List of nodes:

If you are interested in using the WNAP network or building a wireless node.

Get Involved

Nov 2002/



Air Net Australia Canberra - Australia

The Canberra Wireless network is an effort by a bunch of Linux enthusiasts to build a high-speed wireless network in some parts of Canberra. Initially we are looking at North Canberra but some people have expressed interest in other parts of Canberra. If you are interested then I suggest that you start by looking at the mailing list archives and join the mailing list. By reading through the archives you'll get an idea of what progress we've made.

There are wireless networks being built in other regions of Australia:
Adelaide, Perth, Nepean (Western Sydney) and Tasmania.

AIR STREAM - Adelaide - Australia

Air-Stream Wireless is a not-for-profit incorporated association and so
is required to ensure the appropriate use and safeguard of its’ members’
assets. This constitutes all membership payments and donations to the
association and the results of work or services volunteered in the
construction and maintenance of the Air-Stream Wireless network.

Aug 2009

Austin Area Wireless Users Group Austin Texas - USA
Our Mission
Develop a wide-area, low-cost 802.11 wireless coverage umbrella in Austin, TX.
Our Reasoning
One of the key things the recent media coverage on wireless freenets has focused on is the concept that those of us putting up freenets are doing so to provide connections to the masses...the suggestion is that, in doing so, we're taking business from the broadband providers... but the thing is, most of the people who are using the networks are the same guys putting up the AccessPoints and antennas. And the reason we start these user groups is because the access points on our own homes don't quite span to the areas we might want to be able to connect from. Even the folks who use the wireless networks but don't put up amplified antennas still usually have wireless over broadband in their homes...So in most cases, freenets aren't taking business from the providers, we're just giving their existing subscribers more places from which to connect...

Asymmetric Wireless Networking Pensylvannia - USA

"When I arrived at Carnegie Mellon in January, 1994, I learned that some graduate students had established a high-speed wireless network connecting their homes in Oakland with the university campus. I decided, "I've got to have that." One of the students, Tom Warfel, offered to set up a connection for me if I would make a contribution to W3VC, the Carnegie Tech Radio Club, and help with the work."

Bruce MacDowell Maggs - Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh


BAWIA is an alliance of neighborhood wireless network operators. BAWIA does not run a network itself, but facilitates communication between people who are interested in operating and using these networks. Initially, we expect that these networks will be used primarily for access to the Internet. In time, however, we hope to link the various neighborhood networks together into a metropolitan area network (we call this "trunking").

Though organized with a focus on the Boston metropolitan area, no specific geographic limitations have been imposed. Participation is not limited by location.


Cette page reprend nos divers essais en Wireless avec toutes les informations dont vous auriez besoin sans pour autant faire des calculs et installer des softwares qui vous prendraient des jours à comprendre. Nous sommes actuellement en contact avec un taux de transfert de +/- 550 Kb/s.

 Sachez que Microwave Office 2002 est tout de même le soft le plus fiable en calcul d'antenne que nous avons essayé parmi plein d'autres... Attention aux bidouilleurs,la précision pour la réalisation de ces antennes demande une extrême rigueur quand aux respect des cotes !

 En ce moment,nous sommes entrain de vouloir réaliser des amplis de puissance et amplis de réception afin d'augmenter nos signaux surtout avec des conditions météo nuisantes (grande pluie,brouillard,etc...) INDEX

                                                                                        Bonne réalisation,

                                                                                       Rick,Jeff & Steph.

August 2002


Brisbane Mesh

Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

Brisbane Mesh Wireless Metropolitan Area Network

Brisbane Mesh is a collection of people interested in participating in a free wireless, metropolitan-area network over Brisbane, Australia.

  • To provide a non-commercial community-operated wireless data communications network suitable for experimentation, education, gaming and possibly interconnection with other networks;
  • To provide services to Brisbane Mesh members on a free or purely cost-recovery basis. Membership of Brisbane Mesh [to be] open to any member of the public willing to provide their own equipment necessary for connection to the mesh;
  • To create a legal, well-designed (not necessarily professional) network with centrally-administered routing, frequency usage and address assignment policies to which all members agree to abide by.

Brad Henshaw


BBS ICT Project - S.W. Newfoundland

On this page you will find information relating to the status of the BBS ICT Project, which is an effort to enhance essential services and to facilitate economic development of the five project communities. The project communities are Burgeo, François, Grand Bruit, Grey River and Ramea, all of which are located on Newfoundland’s southwest coast.

The Project’s goal is to provide a high-speed wireless Network link between the project communities. The primary purpose of this link is for the sharing of teaching resources, for the use of telemedicine, and as the backbone of a wireless Internet link. This technology will enable the people and businesses of the region to create employment and awareness in each of the communities and at the same time enhance the already existing services such as health and education. Once the link between the five communities and the world at large is established, it will enable the communities to pool together their resources for the benefit of the region.

Jan 2003



Bicton Free Net - Western Australia

Antenna/AP Details: 

The AP is a LinkSys WAP11 V2.2, mounted under the roof tiles, with a 2m LMR-400 'pigtail' to an 8-slot, 15dBi, 180 degree waveguide antenna. The antenna is pointed 'due west', and because of its 180 degree beam width, effectively sees bearings from 180 to 360 degrees.

The 48 km Link Test:  

Having seen the possibility of modifying a Satellite-TV dish to become a WiFi antenna (, I decided to do it myself.

The results were solid, 10-15 dB (SNR) link from Rottnest Island off the West Australian coast, to a number of APs on the escarpment east of Perth; a distance of 48 km (30 miles).

Rob Clark

May 2003

CANADA Air Web is currently building a list of wireless network locations in Canada.  If you would like to add your site to the list, please email the location, establishment name, and any other helpful information to

August 2002




Welcome to what we believe is a common sense approach to broadband Internet access.
Unlike commercial internet providers, we are a locally formed wireless network association that helps get people online in a way that lets you be a part of it, and part of our friendly online community. We strongly believe that Internet access should be in the hands of those that use it - and those that pay for it.

Dec 2005


Champaign-Urbana Grassroots Wireless

Champaign-Urbana Grassroots Wireless Internet Project - Indiana - USA

The goal of CU Wireless is to create a community public access wireless network in Champaign-Urbana by creating a free access cooperatively owned wireless backbone of nodes throughout the area with overlapping coverage areas. Individuals or organizations will fund their own nodes, a node will have wireless ethernet capacity and routing software and will pass packets to other nearby nodes. Some nodes may provide a limitted gateway to the internet depending on the capability of the node owners. Node owners may set their own parameters as far as how much of their total bandwidth they are donating to free community access. All hardware will be consumer grade off the shelf PCs. All software will be open source free (as in speech) software such as Linux.

Czech Free Network

The word svoboda means ‘freedom’ in the Czech language.

Czech Community Network - Czech Republic

Our network is probably the largest community network in the world (conservative estimates indicate about 15,000 connected users, but real number can be much higher).
Many small communities belong into our big CZFREE.NET community and many have their own web sites known mostly by their geographical locations.

For example:-  community in Pilsen city community in Kladno town community in Celakovice town and area community in Slovácko area
also founder of world famous FSO link RONJA is member
of our network

We consist of hundreds of local Czech communities who use commonly coordinated IP space in 10.x.x.x/8, we have created our RFCs we use same routing protocols (OSPF, BGP) and many, many more.....

If you would like more information about our network, let me know because
the web site is in Czech language only (at this moment)

"Petr Láznovský" <>

Dec 2005



How does free high speed wireless Internet access sound to you? Several communities are now working towards this goal, so I thought we in the Philadelphia area should also pursue it. The concept is to share unused excess bandwidth with others, via 802.11b protocol. Using wireless access points and bridges, with external antennas, amazing things can be accomplished. I don't want to reinvent the wheel here so rather than explain further I am listing some great links to other wireless communities and you will see what I am talking about. If you would like to participate, email


EGYPT Hurghada, Red Sea - Egypt

I have an Internet cafe in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, with an expensive broadband satellite connection, located 1 km from my house. The roofs of both buildings have a clear line of sight between them. At home I was previously limited to a V.90 modem connection, and remote administration of the cyber cafe network was impossible.

A fast connection between my house and the cafe was becoming more and more necessary, mostly in order to provide remote administration at acceptable speeds, but also of course to finally get fast Internet at home! Me-wann' download quicky-quicky now!

By Hassan Adly

- case-study -

August 2002 Boston Massachusetts

This is probably the original "Community Wireless Internet" project site. Initially set up to promote people's connectivity using such as amateur packet radio. Predates the emergence of IEEE 802.11 WLANs by many years.


August 2002


INNALOO NET PERTH Western Australia

We are a consortium of interested computer users who decided to get together and build a small, low cost microwave network connecting Perth suburbs together. We are currently extending our borders to cover all of Perth, and we're working with a number of other groups to develop a peering infrastructure. This will link all of us together in a new, free network. is strictly non-commercial, and you wont be able to sell transit (bandwidth) over our infrastructure or make money from the network, but there are huge benefits for individuals.

Jackson Internet Zone

In a special ceremony held August 29th, 2001 at The Jacksonville Landing, city business and government leaders unveiled a partnership which makes Jacksonville the first major U.S. city to create an initiative to provide broad wireless community access to the Internet through the creation of multiple public Wireless Internet Zones.

A Wireless Internet Zone - or "WIZ" - is an access area providing wireless connectivity to the Internet through laptop computers or web-enabled handheld devices.


KE5FX An Experimental Microwave Data Link for 10-Megabit Ethernet

"Comprehensive constructional details in this excellent work from KE5FX including numerous texts, schematics, PCB dwgs., photos, waveforms, spectrum analyser displays...."

Applicable to any amateur radio microwave band and where the simplest transmitter & receiver front ends (Gunn Diode+ Mixer Diode) can be DIY manufactured in basic stripline and waveguide.

Low cost ready-made doppler modules normally used for movement detection are available ready-made on the 10GHz & 24 GHz amateur bands.


LARIAT Wyoming - USA

"LARIAT is a community Internet and Internet users' group based in Laramie, Wyoming. It is a non-profit mutual benefit organization organized under Section 501(c)(12) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Our purpose is to teach, promote and facilitate the use of the Internet, conducting regular meetings and classes on Internet topics. Our lectures, classes, and events are free and open to the public. We maintain geographical Internet domain as a public service to local residents, businesses, community service groups and government agencies.

We maintain a public computer facility (telecentre) through which the community can access the Internet. By adopting this organizational model, we hope to promote Internet literacy and ensure local access for all members of the community. We encourage the deployment of public Internet access terminals, and are working to help network Albany County's schools".

Leeming Wireless Network Western Australia

Our aim is to create a community run wireless network in the Leeming / Willeton / Bullcreek area suitable for gaming, net access, sharing files, VOIP etc.  With the lack of good broadband alternatives in Perth, community driven  wireless networks are becoming much more popular as the good old 56k modems simply aren't fast enough.  Already there are 2 major wireless networks in Perth - and the PWNP, both of which have been functioning for quite a while and have proven very reliable and successful.




Wireless Leiden - Netherlands

Wireless Leiden: Mission, vision and strategy

The Wireless Leiden Foundation has established an open, inexpensive, fast wireless network for Leiden and surrounding villages. It is an independent network, which technically links up seamlessly to the Internet, but can also be used for free local communication within the Leiden region. Wireless Leiden is a non-profit organisation, operating completely with professional volunteers and aiming at infrastructure and not services. All our software, technological and organisational knowledge is freely available to others under an open source license.

Dec 2005


Manhattan Bryant Park

Manhattan Bryant Park - New York City- USA

Project Overview:

The purpose of a wireless network is to extend the functionality of a wired network via wireless medium (802.11). The wireless medium allows the users free and unfettered mobility while still retaining all of the services that a wired network offers. Wireless networks dissolve the notion of the Internet being a separate cyberspace location that you have to “plug into” to connect.

In July of 2001, Terry Schmidt and I developed the following proposal to build a wireless network within the geographic boundaries of Bryant Park (located in midtown Manhattan).

A recent
NY Times article explains the impact the park is having on the community and Internet users. I am quoted in the last few paragraphs, near the end...

Marcos R. Lara

April 2003

MediaPoli Network - Helsinki

The Wireless MediaPoli network is a Wireless LAN (WLAN) -based campus network, designed by the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) research community and Otaverkko Oy. The network is composed of the Wireless MediaPoli access points planted around the Otaniemi Campus and into some near-by organizations (see the coverage map). The IEEE 802.11 WLAN technology enables 1 - 11 Mbps Internet a ccess via the wired, high speed MediaPoli backbone. Current users are from HUT, VTT, CSC, Arcada and Otaverkko Oy.


Melbourne Wireless

Melbourne Wireless - Australia

The Melbourne: Digital and Wireless group is a non-profit club set up to help the community in setting up publicly owned and operated Residential Area Networks (RANs). You may have also heard of them being called a SAN,Suburban Area Network.

It's a network created by the people, not the corporations. There are no fees to join a public network. [NB: you soon will be able to pay for a membership if you wish] The only related costs is that of the hardware you buy or build yourself.
- Mailing List / Forum with innovative node mapping program -.


Mentor Wireless


Mentor Wireless Ohio USA

Mentor Wireless was established in December of 2001 out of the home of a college student in Mentor, Ohio (Lake County) with the dream of building a wireless community network in the City of Mentor Since that date, Mentor Wireless formulated two primary goals.

The first goal was to create a website that citizens of Ohio could use as the common ground for wireless discussion in Ohio, a website that citizens of Ohio could come together and advertise their names, as if petitioning for a wireless community network in their cities. Today the website is a reality. Mentor Wireless now strives to keep members informed, and continues to build upon and adapt the website into an even a stronger Internet community for the members and public. Today you can view the list of Members and see who is interested in wireless in your area. You can Join Us if you have interest in building or using a wireless network. You can talk amongst yourselves on the Mailing List, a great source of information provided by Mentor Wireless to send announcements and news articles. You can even view the the Wireless Links section for more wireless networks, news, tutorials, and other great information.

The second goal is to launch even a small wireless community network in Mentor, Ohio by the year-end of 2002. The first access point will by run out of the home of Mentor Wireless headquarters on the Mentor, Kirland Hills border and may not even have Internet access. In the long term the hopes are to either have DSL, Cable modem, or Satellite Internet. The location is more dense in foliage than in population, dampering any dreams of great success, but all hope is not lost. This access point, whether it be a failure, or a success, will be established to persuaid other members in Mentor, Ohio and elseware in Ohio to do the same, so that one day, the dreams of Mentor Wireless will become a reality. Feel free to Contact Us with any positive or negative feedback you may have, as we are always looking for people willing to help out.


Current Projects:

  • 08.03.2001 - We got the website online. I'm totally new to the MoinMoin WikiWiki idea, and I'm really jazzed about it. Keep watching because it's gonna change alot in the next few weeks as it grows up and starts to get it's legs.
  • 08.04.2001 - I'm planning to get started on my first external antenna. Look for details in the AntennaProjects section. It's gonna be a PringlesCan antenna and is supposed to give 12db of gain. You can get info on the project from O'Reilly at


N6GN Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud MICROWAVE DATA LINK

".....some inexpensive antenna, radio, and computer interface hardware which allows communication of digital data at rates up to 2 megabaud (1 megabaud = 1 million bits per second) on an Amateur Radio band. The link operates in the 10-GHz Amateur band and uses an inexpensive commercial parabolic antenna along with a Doppler radar transceiver module to provide medium range communications at low cost. We'll discuss modifications to surplus networking interface cards that let you use this high speed data in Amateur Radio service with IBM-style personal computers. AX.25 packet radio has suggested the need for faster systems to improve current performance and has spawned some fundamentally new ideas for Amateur Radio. A whole spectrum of new user applications and the possibility of a nationwide or even worldwide digital Amateur network are two major areas made possible by faster hardware". 

Originally published in Ham Radio Magazine December 1989

(A great case study - applicable to current 100Mb and 1Gb DIY link development)


Newbury Open Net Boston Massachusetts USA is a movement that promotes the use of free WiFi for public access and social justice in Boston and throughout the nation.

As Boston's largest free WiFi Community, strives to set an example of how local businesses, residents, and community members can work with innovative wireless technology to provide high-speed Internet access to everyone, regardless of social status or physical location.

Our mission is to create new ways of accessing the Internet, promote ubiquitous access to inspire wireless applications and software, publish our ideas and specifications openly, and help others throughout the world to create local wireless communities.

Tech Superpowers, Inc.,

Dec 2005

New York City Wireless Network

CNN Report (Real Video, 60Kbps)

New York City Wireless Network New York N.Y. USA

First Access Point is Live



What's it all about?

We are working to build a community supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA. We are actively developing WRP (a linux distribution-on-a-floppy that provides wireless support) and NoCat, the centralized authentication code to make shared internet services possible. This site is the central repository for our software, ideas, and information on building wireless networks.

Check out our white paper for more details.


Albert Einstein, when asked to describe radio, replied:
"You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? And radio operates exactly the same way: you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat."

Norbert Wiener (the father of cybernetics) describes protecting the internet from big business is like the problem of "The Mice Belling the Cat" [Belling The Cat]


25 july 2001

Nora Wireless wants Nora to become the first town in Sweden that has wireless Internet connection in all public places. The vision is that you shall be able to surf from the cafés, the beach-walk, the library, well, even from the church-benches at the square in Nora.

On strategical locations around Nora that has broadband you can connect a computer and a so called accesspoint and thereby give wireless Internet access to the people. On the computer the open operating system Linux will be used and all code that is written shall be open source - open for others to copy. Nora Wireless is a project that is run by Nora citizens with support of local companies and organizations.


Patras Wireless Network (PWN) is currently a closed group of wireless users, that is based on 802.11b technology. The purpose of its existance is mostly experimental, focusing on budget wireless devices operating under Linux. Our main effort is to evaluate the performance of the TCP/IP protocol suite, over error-prone wireless links, while applying several protocol boosters at the link layer.

PWN is located at Patras, Greece (38.24N, 21.75E). Currently, one Access Point located on top of Aroi hill, serves the wider area of the city of Patras. Measurements shows that the coverage extends up to 15 Km, while maintaining high physical data rates (depending on the antenna in use).

May 2002

Personal Teleco Project

"Our Charter is to is to use Wireless Networking technology as an excuse and a means to build communities. We will make tools and documentation, developed with an Open Source attitude, available to people who want to build Wireless Communities.

If you would like to help, or just to listen to what we have to say, we run a fairly lively Mailing List which you are welcome to join. We also have begun regular Monthly Meetings where we discuss ideas which you are welcome to join".

PlayaNET - Networking Burning Man - A project of Fusion Valley


A high-speed public access internal IP network for the annual event in Nevada known as Burning Man.


- We just want to enable better communication...

What you do with....... that is up to you.

How? The network is built using IEEE 802.11b wireless ethernet technology. This year, we'll be utilizing both Cisco Aironet and Lucent ORiNOCO (WaveLAN) equipment.

In our opinion, Aironet currently makes the most advanced access points and bridges, so we'll be using those for the backbone. Lucent also makes our favorite (price/performance) PC cards. The root node will reside at Fusion Valley at the 3 o'clock outpost. There will also be repeating access points at center camp and the 9 o'clock outpost. They will all be outfitted with HyperGain 15 dBi omnidirectional antennas. We'll use PCs to bridge between the wired and wireless networks".

Portland Community WLAN Oregon - USA

"The North Portland public library branch (near Alberta) will install a wireless LAN system at their public terminals. The Portland State University campus is also installing 20 wireless hubs. Students should be able to surf the net on their laptops around the campus or in the South Park Blocks.  Shared-use LANs might even enable inexpensive access near community centers or schools. Individuals or housing authorities could create non-profit, shared wireless networks. Compaq's iPAQ goes wireless with a 802.11b LAN card and small webpads like 3-Com's colorful Audrey ($500) may soon be everywhere and connected anywhere."



"We are constructing a community owned network of computers that share internet over radio connections.

We presume that if your interested in wireless data networking you have a computer, so presume you need one ...... A one-time equipment cost to buy your radio & antenna. Basic equipment - network interface and radio in one small package

Lucent WaveLan 802.11 PCCard either 'Bronze' or 'Gold' ($165-$180)
-- or -- Apple Airport 802.11 Card (~$100)"



Not For Profit Internet Provider

High Speed Wireless...
Service is available in the City of Glenwood Springs, Buffalo Valley, No Name, Spring Valley, West Bank Mesa, CMC Corner Area, Oak Meadows, & Certain Areas Along 4-Mile Road. More areas Coming Soon.

Dec 2005




Raleigh-Durham communities of North Carolina, USA

This project, similar to the Seattle Wireless Project, aims to setup an ad-hoc wireless community in Durham, NC and surrounding Raleigh-Durham communities of North Carolina, USA.

Let me know if you would be interested in joining this group, if you currently have a node setup in your home or business, our would like to setup a node for community access.  I can be reached at

I'll be setting my node up in the next few weeks just south-east of South Square mall.  The networking standard that should be supported is the 11MBPS, 802.11 standard.

Richmond Free Wireless Virginia - USA

Richmond Free Wireless is Richmond, Virginia's first public wireless Internet access network and community. RFW is supported by FrontierBroadband?, Richmond's first commercial and residential fixed wireless Internet service provider.

San Deigo

Golden Hill Free Web San Diego - USA

Free internet access on Golden Hill is the brainchild of On The Hill Rentals. They generously provided the equipment, locations and ongoing internet access fees.

Volunteers from the
San Diego Wireless User Group (SDWUG) provided the technical know-how and many (many!) hours of labor.

The free internet access is available to anyone with a computer, an 802.11b compatible wireless internet adapter and who is located either near 2035 Broadway (a large pink building) or 2430 Broadway. More Golden Hill locations may follow.

Local landlords interested in providing free access to their own tenants and surrounding buildings should
contact us about joining in. This is win-win for you (you only pay equipment costs, no installation fees), and your tenants and local community (free internet access).


San Diego County - USA

The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) team is creating, demonstrating, and evaluating a non-commercial, prototype, high-performance, wide-area, wireless network in San Diego county. The NSF-funded networkincludes backbone nodes on the UC San Diego campus and a number of "hard to reach" areas in San Diego county.

Not only is HPWREN is used for network analysis research, but the network also provides high-speed Internet access to field researchers from several disciplines (geophysics, astronomy, ecology) and educational opportunities for rural Native American learning centers and schools.

Seattle Wireless - USA

"In a nutshell, SeattleWireless is a not for-profit project to develop a community wireless network in Seattle and end recurrent telcom fees.

We are using widely-available, license-free technology to create a free, locally-owned wireless backbone. This is a Wide Area Network (not just a "wireless LAN" in your home or business) and a community-owned, distributed system (not yet another service provider to whom you owe a monthly bill)"


SFLan Manifesto San Francisco - USA

"Imagine a citywide wireless LAN that grows from anarchistic co-operation. 

From a laptop in any park, from a PC in any house, from any handheld assistant on the street, you can get at the Internet at blazing speed. From there, imagine a phone that uses your base station when you are in your house, but uses the net when you are out of range."


Softroad - Everywhere Internet Chicago - USA

"Want to connect wirelessly to the web from your laptop? Tired of waiting for high-speed Internet access where you live?"

"Sick of telcos whose main motive is to squeeze more dollars out of you?"

We are a community-enabled wireless Internetworking group dedicated to enhancing the information experience while, at the same time, helping to build Everybody's Wireless Internet."

South Bay/Silicon Valley Community Network California - USA

" is an informal association of electronic communications hobbyists and professionals in Silicon Valley. Among numerous volunteer activities, our community operates the "sbay" newsgroups, a domain park (Internet subdomain registry) and a metropolitan-area wireless network in the South Bay/Silicon Valley area. There are also monthly social events including pizza get-togethers and bicycle rides, where all sorts of technical topics in electronic communications are discussed".

St. Louis Wireless

Superpass 7.5dBi Horizontal Omni

St. Louis Wireless USA

St. Louis Wireless is a brand-new group in St. Louis, working to bring together people in the metro area who are interested in community-supported and grassroots 802.11b networks.

Get connected! Browse the node list to find a St. Louis Wireless node near you.

Interested in setting up a community wireless access point? Want to publish availability of your node? Email us.

The general idea is that people with internet connections and the appropriate wireless hardware can configure their hardware to allow free wireless network access to the public. The degree to which access is allowed, and the guidelines or rules under which that access is provided are some of the things that need to be discussed by interested people. Join the group! Everyone is welcome, and both technical and nontechnical people are encouraged to get involved.

May 2002


Stockholm Open Net SWEDEN

What if everyone puts up a wireless LAN base station in their window offering connectivity to bypassing users and providing a choice of Internet service providers?

KTH and the City of Stockholm cooperate on creating an open communication environment in the Greater Stockholm area, using Kista as a testbed. StockholmOpen.Net is an embryo of a city wide open access network with a freedom of choice of service operators



SYDNEY WIRELESS Sydney - Australia

SW (Sydney Wireless) does not endorse any behaviour that may break ACA/ ABA rules & regulations or any laws, caveats and local government regulations.

SW strives to work with the ACA to ensure we legally use the 2.4ghz ISM band to its fullest potential.

Where possible SW will seek to actively guide wireless users toward responsible and cooperative usage.

Whilst SW will do everything it can to promote legal compliance, it is important to note that we cannot take responsibility for the actions and activities of the visitors to this web site.

Communty Wireless Whitepaper:-

Node Database:-

Swiss Wireless

Resources, information and contacts for wireless community networks development in Switzerland ENGLISH VERSION

August 2002


TAWNAG Toronto - Canada

With the understanding that wireless access can and has the potential to significantly reduce the cost and increase the ease to share resources and access them, the Toronto Area Wireless Network Access Group was founded to promote freely available public wireless networks for the Toronto Area.


WA FREE NET Western Australia

Community Wireless Networking in Western Australia

WaFreeNet is part of a community project to form a free wireless network around Western Australia.  There exists a number of small wireless networks in our state, where members connect to central access points, and enjoy the benefits of a free network.  These benefits include communications (text, voice and video), sharing of open source material, and multiplayer gaming.  Our goal is to link together as many of the existing wireless networks as we can, and to encourage newly formed networks to join the mesh also. 

This site is aimed mainly at users of the WaFreeNet.  For a very comprehensive site covering the topic of wireless networking and blogging the WaFreeNet we highly suggest a visit to

Dec 2002

Weimar Wireless Weimar Wireless

WirelessWeimar is a student initiative to implement a 802.11-based network infrastructure in Weimar for purposes of

  • researching the techs (antennas, security)
  • researching possible applications in education
  • allowing mobile internet access for experimental university/student projects
  • preparing the world (university) for broad wireless internet access

The project is being supported by Harv Stanic and Jens Wille of the Faculty of Media, and monetarily by StuRa and subsignal.

see also: wireless, mailing list



18May -1999    The 100KM Record test was made successfully.

"Nov 2000... We have installed a working Direct Sequence link it is a 72 KM Link with 24DBi Antennas on both side and give us a 11MB/s output in average RSSI (Signal ) of -81DBm on the BreezeCom Units".


Wireless Community Networks

A Guide for Library Boards,


and Communty Leaders

  by Robert L. Williams

Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Library Development Division


"This guide offers a look at the process of using radio frequency wireless technology to connect the computer networks of two or more local public organizations-school districts, public libraries, municipal and county offices, and others. Such links provide a way to share access to high-speed Internet connections and other electronic resources". 

Robert L. Williams. (Texas State Library and Achives Commission 1999)


Wireless Internet
in Latvia

Rainis blvd.29, Riga LV1459,
Phone +371 9206943,
Fax +371 7 820153,


"The Latvian Research Network LATNET was established in 1992, shortly after breaking of the USSR. The limited resources and poor communications infrastructure in the country (only analogue lines available) have forced LATNET to search for alternative ways to establish high speed data links for Internet access to the numerous University of Latvia departments scattered around the capital city Riga. The liberal radio frequency licensing policy and newly appeared inexpensive and easy to use wireless LAN products, made it possible to develop a high speed spread spectrum wireless Internet access network. There are currently over 30 academic, research, government, and other sites - spread all over the city - using these high-speed wireless links for Internet connection as an alternative to lower speed leased telephone lines".

Guntis Barzdins
Institute of mathematics and
Computer Science,
University of Latvia



"WLF Operatives"

WLF NET (Portland - Oregon)

"Before starting, I researched access points. I was searching for a solution that would allow me to set up a system that did not expose my current LAN or require setting up an additional firewall. Ideally, I would also like it to be a single box solution. In other words, what can I use that will:-

1) allow an external antenna to be connected,

2) provide some form of access control and

3) be self-contained?"

The Wireless Liberation Front Jan 27 2001



Xtreme Wireless Australia - Gold Coast

Xtreme Wireless is the first Queensland based, FREE Public-Access, Broadband Wireless LAN / WAN network, providing ultra-high-speed broadband wireless network access for all of those within the coverage zone on the Gold Coast.

Anyone who is interested in hooking up simply needs some Wireless Network Cards and line-of-sight within a whopping 25Km radius to hook into the network with speeds of up to 11Mbps

Xtreme Wireless works with the latest equipment from manufactures such as Cisco, Compaq, Proxim, Yagi, Luscent, Apple, Netgear, 3Com, Xircom and Toshiba. Once connected the world is at your fingertips.

Image of home3_b.gif