A-LAN Distribution - BRISTOL U.K.


Community WLAN Service Antenna for 2.4GHz

For best long range performance, horizontal polarization is a more effective polarization method.

This antenna is an original newly patented design offering a nominal all round 16dBi
omnidirectionalgain for general "point to multi-point service". It additionally features a
directional 24 dBi peak ( x16 range) in one 15 degree sector for long range interlinking,
obviating the need for an additional point-to-point dish up to 60cm dia.. Field Plot


R.F. Termination = Silver plated "N Type" line socket Length = 1.8 metres.
Weight = 8 Kg Mounting = 48mm dia.x 6mm thick walled aluminium stub.
Casing White UPVC. Wind Loading Tested for 200 Km/h
Best VSWR = 1.04:1 (2400MHz)

This antenna is not yet commercially manufactured and distributed but
can be supplied as "designer samples" individually hand made and
tested at: $599 each.

Further details: A-LAN DISTRIBUTION.....