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FUTURE VISIONS & Applications

LAST UPDATED:  Wednesday 2nd April 2008


3D Interactive Web

3D Interactive Web creates virtual worlds that take people places they can only dream of visiting. This feat is accomplished by using some of the latest tools in internet technology.

Our product can be used to recreate almost any real life scenario. Walk the streets of London, take center stage in the Coliseum, take a field trip to the Smithsonian, or just take a stroll through Smalltown, USA, all from the comfort of your home. Our product can easily be conformed to fit almost any town, city, museum, building, etc. In addition to allowing users to move through the virtual city, they can click on specific buildings/walls and gather more information about them through a dynamic popup menu. These popup menus can provide links to information such as the buildings website, menus for restaurants, sales for stores, etc.



British Web Broadcasting Tomorrow's Television Today

Subscribe to BWebB It's free - and you'll get special founder member status when we start getting seriously commercial. Ever wondered why we do all this? I mean, make all these shorts and let you watch them for nothing? Well, we're experimenting with the future of television - TV delivered to you via the Internet. You can help us do this by telling us who you are - so we know who is watching. It's a demographic thing - and our marketing people tell me that a large subscriber base means a healthy BWebB.




Be part of the world's largest Wi-Fi Community


BT has joined forces with FON to bring together hundreds of thousands of people in the world's largest Wi-Fi community. And we'd like you to join in.

By taking part, you'll be able to access your broadband wirelessly around the UK and the world.

This means that you can

  • With Wi-Fi, you can access broadband wirelessly.
  • With BT FON, you share your home Wi-Fi with other members and in return get to use theirs when you're out and about.
  • It's completely secure because your access and the visitor's access are kept totally separate.
  • It's free, included as part of your BT Broadband.
  • With your help, we're building the world's largest Wi-Fi internet community. Join us and you'll be able to get wireless broadband around the globe, which means you can check your emails and browse the web wherever you are. And the best bit? It's absolutely free.

    Nov 2007


    English TV

    Altaviser Communications is a Canadian corporation committed to delivering live and on-demand news, sports, music and education over the internet. Using original material complimented by a large database of links to streaming media and other international news sources,  our goal is to provide an international perspective of news and current events in the language of your choice. Altaviser is also committed to helping you take advantage of the benefits  from the technological revolution 

    English language broadband televison broadcasts are currently available from a number of countries.   Streaming television broadcasts are also available in other languages.

    To enjoy high quality streaming video broadcasts, you require a fast connection to the internet such as cable, ADSL, ISDN or a T1 line and free software from Microsof or RealNetworks .




    A free and open source automation system for radio stations
    Campcaster is the first free and open radio management software that provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system.

    Campcaster helps you run your radio station. Do automated broadcasting and live studio playout in one system: schedule your broadcasts from the comfort of your own home with the Campcaster Web component, or do dynamic live shows with the Campcaster Studio desktop application.

    What's the big deal about this release? We'll cut to the chase: Campcaster 1.1 is the first release that is stable and feature-complete enough to be used in production systems. Indeed, the Campware implementation team will be helping to roll it out to multiple radio stations in Sierra Leone later this month. Other major radio stations are starting to adapt Campcaster to their needs: Austria's Radio Orange is adapting the playout system to work with it's digital archive, while in Hungary, a network of independent radio stations is integrating Campcaster's storage server into its IKRA project, a generic public website engine for radio stations.

    "Awesome! Where can I get it?" you ask. The first thing you should know is that Campcaster only works on Linux. We recommend Ubuntu Dapper or any other Debian-based system.

    Jan 2007

    The Global Village CAT

    Worldwide links to 580 Community & Public Access Television
    sites in 20 countries and other links related to the movement for the Freedom of Speech.

    New Broadcasting systems for COMMUNITY RADIO & TV

    Supplementary notes on new hardware options for community media hardware such as:- Web Radio, Web TV. "InterMedia" and low cost delivery systems such as rooftop signal injection into communal antenna cables and IEEE 802.11 WLANs.


    What is Cybertown?

    Cybertown is a free, clean, safe community on the Internet. It is a great place for people to communicate, explore and share in the magic of online 3D. Cybertown is known as the "Civilization for the Virtual Age" - a futuristic, immersive society accessible via the Internet.

    Cybertown citizens use personalized 3D avatars to represent themselves and they can own free personal 3D homes with virtual pets, hold jobs, form clubs, shop in the virtual mall, dance in the nightclub, play games in the Casino and Arcade, get free Cybertown e-mail addresses, attend live celebrity and author chat events and more.

    Citizens are actively involved in the social structure of the community and with each other, making Cybertown a true community that is created by its own residents.


    Digital Matrix Cymru

    This website is forum to campaign for a broadband Wales and to build a Welsh New Media. DMC is set up by

    Neil Davies of Dai4Films and John Wilson.

    Webcast Wireless broadband in Keokuk, Iowa. Dave Hughes' Wireless Vision for Wales



    Internet Protocol 6

    IPv6 Internet Protocol 6

    "The IPv6 protocol is the next generation of the internetwork datagram delivery protocol of the Internet protocol family. Programs may use IPv6 through higher-level protocols such as the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), or may interface directly to IPv6. See tcp(7P) and udp(7P). Direct access may be by means of the socket interface, using a "raw socket," or by means of the Transport Level Interface (TLI). The protocol options and IPv6 extension headers defined in the IPv6 specification may be set in outgoing datagrams."


    MIT to make nearly all course materials
    available free on the World Wide Web

    Unprecedented step challenges 'privatization of knowledge'

    Professor Steven Lerman, chair of the MIT faculty, said that the project stemmed both from enthusiasm for the opportunities that the Internet affords for wide-spread sharing of educational ideas, and from concern over the growing "privatization of knowledge." He noted that many universities, including MIT, see the Internet as a means of delivering revenue-generating distance education.


    Network Gaming

    Multiplay UK

    Welcome to the home of Multiplay UK, the company devoted to bringing you excellence in services to the gaming community.

    Our speciality is the organisation of LAN parties and other gaming events, of which we currently run the largest in the UK! Our thriving community both off and online make sure that every event put on by Multiplay UK is better and more enjoyable than the last.


    The National Telephone Cooperative Association

    The National Telephone Cooperative Association is a national association representing more than 500 small and rural independent local exchange carriers providing telecommunications services throughout rural America.


    Netgear SPH101

    WiFi phone for Skype: no PC required

    Netgear SPH101 WiFi phone for Skype

    Netgear announced their new Skype WiFi phone that needs no PC; Skype, of course, obviously comes pre-loaded since you don't want to carry yet another phone just because you can. Just enter your Skype name and password and you're set to call all of your Skype buds whenever you're in range of some WiFi. What's that, your peeps don't have Skype? No prob since you can seamlessly use your SkypeIn or SkypeOut account just as well. We're guessing that the WiFi flavor is either 802.11b or 802.11g, although Netgear also announced RangeMax to support Skype on their WPN824 RangeMax wireless router. No juicy details on pricing or availability just yet, so keep using that cheesy headset for now

    from $129.95 (May 2007)

    May 2007




    TeleCottage Association / The

    The TCA is a member of the European Telework

    Development Project (ETD)

    The TCA is Europe's largest organisation dedicated to the promotion of teleworking.
    Over 2,000 people and organisations have joined us since we started in 1993. The
    TCA believes that teleworking can benefit people by increasing the quality of life and
    improving access to work.

    Local and Access Television in the UK

    ...the basic question is who will have the power and organization to make use of the new technologies. In themselves, they are quite neutral: they could be used for "the Jeffersonian ideal", they could be used to undermine it.

    The same has been true of radio, TV, and for that matter publishing. In fact, over the long term they tend to be used to undermine freedom and democracy, as a reflection of the distribution of actual power.

    This is not inevitable--it is not a law of nature. But it is a direct consequence of social organization in highly inegalitarian societies.

    My own prediction is that, as things now stand, the new technologies will be used largely to undermine freedom, not because of their nature, but because of the nature in which they are being developed.

    Noam Chomsky, November 12th, 1993




    SAM2 Broadcaster is a professional DJ system with the ability to stream audio over the internet to listeners across the world.
    Actually SAM2 is much more than just a "DJ system" - it is a COMPLETE radio automation solution - a "
    radio station in a box".

    November 2004



    Online Course Management System (CMS)

    - free, Open Source software



    Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. You can download and use it on any computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a single-teacher site to a University with 200,000 students.


    Moodle has a large and diverse user community with over 330,000 registered users on the Moodle Website alone, speaking over 70 languages in 196 countries (we have more statistics here). The best place to start is Using Moodle, which is where the main international discussions are held in English, but we have a variety of groups discussing other topics and in other languages.


    We have a long list of developers who contribute towards the development of Moodle. Start with our developer information as well as the roadmap, the coding guide and CVS guide to access our source code. Most discussion can be found in Using Moodle, but we also have a Tracker where you should report general bugs, feature requests, fixes and other issues. Sensitive security problems should be posted to the Moodle Security site, so we can deal with them appropriately.

    April 2008


    Alternative Television News

    Undercurrents News Network

    Fed up of news spin? Undercurrents presents the humourous unspun truth behind the anti-war movement, women's empowerment, protest shopping and bald policemen.

    Undercurrents is a non-profit organisation - every copy of UNN that we sell helps us raise the money to make future editions.

    November 2004


    Distributed Processing


    Most computers aren't using all their computing power at a given time. Even when you are engaged in a game, creating graphics, surfing the web, you may only be employing a fraction of your machine's available computing power. United Devices has built a small, secure software agent for individuals to download to their machine that can save this wasted power and put it to use.

    Intel-United Devices Cancer Research Project

    Download the UD Agent and truly be a part of a world-changing project. The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) Centre for Drug Discovery in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, England, is working with United Devices and our Member Community in the search for new drugs in the treatment of cancer. Don't just make a donation. Make a difference.

    Wireless 802.11 IP Phones

    Spectralink Wireless IP phones. These are robust (8m drop test) phones Dual pager/phone functionality. These interconnect via a standard IEEE 802.11 2.4 GHz Wireless Access Point (WAP).

    Full function phones - they mirror the functions of the desk phone and PBX.

    The Wireless Access Point is thereby used to deliver both data AND voice.

    This is a JOKE ....... but "There's Many a True Word Spoken in Jest"

    FREE LIFETIME Digital Wireless Broadband Service.....   Includes:
    • FREE LIFETIME Digital Wireless Broadband High-Speed Internet Access (Up To 6 mbps).
    • FREE LIFETIME Digital Cable TV - Up To 500 Channels
    • FREE LIFETIME Digital Local & Long-Distance Phone Service (Domestic & International).
    • FREE Digital Set-Top Box With Remote Control.  (Expandable).                     

    COMPLETE MOBILITY: Works the same anywhere in your home, office, or even in your (Car, Truck, Suv, RV or Boat) when hooked up to your Vehicle Video Entertainment System. You can enjoy all of your favorite services even while cruising over 100 mph (miles per hour).

    Open Source Television

    Open Source Television AND Code !

    As of January 6th, 2005, the code base that powers is available under the Apache License 2.0.

    Our plans
    Our short term plans involve regular ZeD code drops to this page.
    The initial target platform for deployment consists of:

    The first release is available here :

    Why Open Source ?

    For an idea of the inspiration behind this decision see the following resources :


    Please direct any questions to opensource<at> or visit the ZeD Web Tech group.

    Feb 2005


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