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Nicola Tesla - "Power to the People"

When Nikola Tesla invented the AC (alternating current) induction motor, he had great difficulty convincing men of his time to believe in it. Thomas Edison was in favor of direct current (DC) electricity and opposed AC electricity strenuously. Tesla eventually sold his rights to his alternating current patents to George Westinghouse for $1,000,000. After paying off his investors, Tesla spent his remaining funds on his other inventions and culminated his efforts in a major breakthrough in 1899 at Colorado Springs by transmitting 100 million volts of high-frequency electric power wirelessly over a distance of 26 miles at which he lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs and ran one electric motor! With this souped up version of his Tesla coil, Tesla claimed that only 5% of the transmitted energy was lost in the process. But broke of funds again, he looked for investors to back.... his project of broadcasting electric power in almost unlimited amounts to any point on the globe. The method he would use to produce this wireless power was to employ the earth's own resonance with its specific vibrational frequency to conduct AC electricity via a large electric oscillator.

When J.P. Morgan agreed to underwrite Tesla's project, a strange structure was begun and almost completed near Wardenclyffe in Long Island, N.Y. Looking like a huge lattice-like, wooden oil derrick with a mushroom cap, it had a total height of 200 feet. Then suddenly, Morgan withdrew his support to the project in 1906, and eventually the structure was dynamited and brought down in 1917.

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Nicola Tesla

Wireless Broadcasting Inventor


"Tesla AP"
Wardenclyffe Long Island, N.Y.


Hedwig Kiesler


Hedy Lamarr is almost certainly the only Hollywood star that had claim to a patent on a significant technological breakthrough - one that has become the basis for modern communications.

Hedwig Kiesler (Hedy Lamarr): Originator and patentee of Spread Spectrum 1942.

Norbert Weiner: Author of Cybernetics

Luckily for us, these merchants of lies, these exploiters of gullibility, have not yet arrived at such a pitch of perfection as to have things all their own way. It is only in the large community, where the Lords of Things as They Are protect themselves from hunger by wealth, from public opinion by privacy and anonymity, from private criticism by the laws of libel and the possession of the means of communication, that ruthlessness can reach its most sublime levels.

Of all anti-homeostatic factors in society, the [sociopathic] control by business of the means of communication is the most effective and most important. That system which more than all others should contribute to social homeostasis is thrown directly into the hands of those most concerned in the game of power and money,

Who is to assure us that ruthless power will not find its way back into the hands of those most avid for it?

Norbert Weiner: Author of Cybernetics MIT 1947 -Chapter 6: "Information Language and Society".

Norbert Wiener

Founder of Cybernetics

Stewart Brand: Seminal historical contributor to the rise of San Francisco & "Silicon Valley" as a powerhouse of new cybernetics civilisation*. Author and Producer of the "Whole Earth Catalog" 1968-71 which inspired and gave "information about tools" for a generation of young Americans to seek self-sufficiency and independence from the "grid" and whose original concept and editorial ethos has guided this site..... (The Long Now Foundation) (Global Business Network/Monitor) (Long-term Thinking) (Long Bets)

"The thing about reading history is that it makes you want to do some....." SB


* From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism
Author: Fred Turner
Publisher: University of Chicago Press, 2006 Review 1: Lonny J Avi
Brooks Review 2: William Bryant Review 3: Merav Katz-Kimchi Review 4:
Linda Levitt Review 5: Alan Razee Author Response: Fred Turner


Speaking at Monterey Feb 2006


Trevor Howell: British Lawyer, Co-operative pioneer, constitution writer and founder of "People In Common" 1973 (d.1976)

The "PIC Constitution 1973" re-introduced the (revolutionary ancient Athenian) concept that "The General Meeting" shall constitute the "Committee of Management" of a corporate body constituted under English Company Law....

Fully isonomous democracy is the final substantial component required for completion of the post-renaissance western civilisation project.....

GLENN E ELMORE N6GN Visionary amateur microwave broadband datacomms pioneer: Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud MICROWAVE DATA LINK

................. A whole spectrum of new user applications and the possibility of a nationwide or even worldwide digital Amateur network are two major areas made possible by faster hardware". 

Originally published in "Ham Radio Magazine" December 1989

Glen Elmore N6GN


To all the individuals and groups who have worked and continue to work on building the first implementations of the World Wide Community Wireless Internet Movement since 1998.


Speedy Keen: & the Group Thunderclap Newman "Something In The Air" 1969

soundtrack lyrics

Thunderclap Newman - Something in the Air

Call out the instigators
Because there's something in the air
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right
And you know that it's right

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